cut short!

I am now in the expensive city of london, heading home earlier than expected. My grandpa (some call him bob) died on july 9th. Here is his obituary. He is one of my favorite people, and I will hold him and my time in India fondly in my memory. That's a wrap.


Why not let the name go with the body
since things will be
as they appear

a shambles of change with now and then an absolute
loss and most changes, re-directions not
the kind you can bend back into shape

and not even in the midridge of the overspill
an island to stop on and consider in stillness time

but only in the interweavings, flows back and
forth, under and over, around and through
does reality hold

to a single face its name and that can
on a stormy spring morning seem so underbuilt
with dream, reality and appearance flow together away

-AR Ammons

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