It's been a little while. Here's my deal:

I finished 2 weeks of rafting down the Ganga. I had 2 days of explosive diarrhea on rafts and beach camps. I was blessed at the confluence of the river, then flipped a raft in the biggest rapid on the Ganga. Our camp got decimated by winds upward of 70mph one evening, and it was one of the scariest moments of my young adult life.

I have also adventured the town of Rishikesh, which is less than ideal. I am learning lots about ayurvedic medicine as well. Also! I am going to go farming in Auroville with 5 new friends of mine in June. That'll be hot and probably fairly pretentious.

SO now i am gonig to live in munsiari for 2 weeks, then go hiking in the milam valley for a month. what's news? Harry, Izzy, let me know what's going on. Will M.S. 15 be graced with your presence next fall, Iz? How is the pokemon collection coming? Y'all should e-mail me some news if you can. corner@nyu.edu will suffice. That is a message to everyone. My replies are not guaranteed, unfortunately. This town has sparse electricity.

David E.