the last leg!

I have arrived at my final section of this trip: Onchocerciasis. Kate and Shane and I just trekked around Kodaikanal and Wadaikanal for a little while to beat the heat. On my overnight bus to Chennai last night, the driver stopped at ever roadside temple to leave some incense. There were many temples in this 12 hour bus ride. Now I am off to find formal Indian wear appropriate for working in a hospital setting, and figure out the Chennai bus system.

I have also put a slideshow of other photos from my Himalaya time on the left of the page, and I'll add more as I get the time. You can click on it and browse the photos at your leisure. Hope everything is going well!



  1. can't wait to hear about your MD adventures! gain some weight, will ya!? Love, your sister. PS, we gave mom and dad a gift basket in bermuda, you were in on it.

  2. Hello DEC,

    It's been a while since I checked in... thanks for all of the photos of the vast beyond... it's really something to see a familiar face in a far-off place... makes it all seem a little closer, I guess. Be well, --Nick Bousquet