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Apparently (to use the words of a cherished Chemist) to comment on my posts "one has to belong to a covert organizational system to be allowed access." If this is the case, do as George did, and send me an e-mail. I would like to hear from you, and you, and you.

In other news, I am settling down outside of Auroville at the Sadhana Forest, and have developed some sort of routine thing. The place is very wonderful and fairly strange. It is the first time I've ever lived in "a commune." Though my parents like to think otherwise, despite the centrality of Sri Aurobindo's philosophies, it is not a cult. Let me describe in brief. There are about 10 huts made of bamboo in the middle of a very arid red place, where 30 volunteers help to plant, expand, and maintain 70 acres of tropical dry evergreen forest. It was started 5 years ago, and the water table in the area has risen considerably since then. The volunteers are a scattered group, from India, US, France, Germany, Sweden, Macedonia, and Australia. We do yoga at 5am, first work from 6-8, second work from 9-noon, lunch, freetime, then afternoon chores when the heat has subsided. unfortunately, the heat never subsides. I have never felt heat like this in my life! Other things of note about this place is the lack of meat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, drugs, and "aggravating spices," replaced by a high presence of jaggery, fresh produce, and spirulina. My high carb mountain diet has been turned on its head. Also, no competitive games (such as cards and chess) are allowed. !!!

To escape this insulated forest and the heat, my friends and I have rented motorbikes and take frequent trips to the beach and to Pondicherry in the afternoons. Driving in India is like biking in New York, only on the left hand side. Instead of dodging cars and pedestrians, you must dodge cars, pedestrians, bicycles, motorbikes, trucks, buses, cows, funeral processions, and goats. Magnificent! The bay of bengal has great waves, and I've learned how to build an earth home. Kate Ray arrives at Sadhana Forest TOMORROW. What's news with you?

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  1. i just now saw all your pics and stories. It was so nice to talk to you on my bday! I miss you, love you, and hope that your tux doesn't fall off of you in August ;)
    Love, Liz