sadhana forest

Greetings! Here are a few updates:

I have had some great interactions with Indian healthcare. My pal Hannah got a parasite, and her trip to the emergency room cost us under Rs. 250 (USD $5), including her 3 prescriptions. Shoes are not allowed inside the hospital. I stepped on a rusty nail and got a tetanus shot for Rs. 13 (USD $0.26). Lastly, I got food poisoning and puked in the banana pits.

I am ready to leave Auroville. I will do this shortly.
This is my friend Shane in my bed in our hut at Sadhana forest. I just started using that mosquito net because there are rats scurrying over my body.

Repo beach with Pondicherry in the background.

KATE RAY. And Marcel Sielmann of Bangalore doing a dance for me.

This is a sober dance party at 11am in the main hut at Sadhana forest.

Sunset in Pondicherry.

I am bewildered after entering the Matrimandir, the golden structure behind me which is the center of Auroville. This interior of the building came to the Mother in a vision, and contains a giant crystal lit up by sunlight. I meditated in that chamber, and now I want to leave Auroville asap.

Biking through Pondy.
Speaking of biking in this town, my friend Ryan got his bike stolen. He paid Rs.8000 for it, then flew back to the U.S. Today, the police notified us that they found it. This is because the Pondicherry police were the ones who stole it! WhoA! After bribing them Rs. 4000 for the return of the bike, there was another Rs. 4000 which was donated to Sadhana Forest. Policemen also tried to arrest me for swinging on a playground too late in Pondicherry. They tried to hit me with a very large stick, but Kate Ray sweet talked them out of it. Thank you for your service and protection.

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