photographic evidence

hello again. I haven't forgotten about this thing. Theses photos serve as proof that I have been inhabitting places unsuitable for the internet (or roads for that matter).
Nanda Devi temple in Martoli.

Reena and I at the Burphu glacier. Sorry for the tilt.

I kissed this sheep's head while it was alive, then watched it die. I got to help "clean" it, then I ate it. After 2 1/2 months of indian food and carb-heavy hiking rations, this meat was not good.
Ralam Gad! This was a weird place. There were a few yaks.

Obligatory Indian photo.

this is the highest (elevation) i've ever been in my life. We climbed a pass at 15,600 feet in the air. that was very cool. Coming down the other side, however, we missed the trail (due to snow) and ended up being lost for 10 more hours. That was a hard day. I think i was singing Les Mis songs while this was taken.

good morning, amanda.

May 10th, 2009 in a pasture outside of Ralam. The sign reads: "Hapy Mother's Day! I love you!"

This man makes wooden items using a water mill and metal tools. He is going to be displaced because of the 8 hydroelectric dams currently being built on the Gori Ganga. Kate: the mortar and pestle that I bought from our kitchen was made by this man. He also taught me how to fish on the aforementioned river:

I caught nothing.
Gandhi's funeral pyre.

Atop Khalia, at 12,200 feet. You can see Martoli's peak in the background.

This is a temple at DhakuriKhal from our first hike in the Pindari valley. We camped just below the pass and then did a hike at sunrise. VERY NICE!
Here I am at my "house" in Munsiari. I stayed in this home with a woman named Anusuiya Tolia, and she cooked delicious meals. We took classes on Environmental studies, and learned about environmentalism's relationship to social justice and local politics. It was quite nice to live in a self-sustainable community for a very brief time. They know where all of their electricity, water, and food come from! Do you know where your electricity, water, and food come from? The sunrises here were more than acceptable.

The best lunch break I ever had while hiking was this one. It was the hottest day and there was a very cold glacial spring.
I worked at an organization called Clean Himalaya in Rishikesh one afternoon. After picking up garbage, I met a bunch of school girls at a chai shop. I taught them how to play slide, then kicked their butts at other hand clapping smacking games.

The confluence of the Ganga! We rafted right by this one.

After getting lost on a very long thunderstormy day and sleeping in a cave, this is about how I felt.
Sunrise from Khatikal.
Hope y'all are well, though. Any news? I am heading down to Auroville tomorrow to being my work on a reforestation project and meet Kate Ray. I'll start this up regularly again now, though.
love, dece.


  1. so happy to see that you are safe and didn't freeze to death. hope we can talk at some point, i'll keep following you here. stay outta trouble.

  2. hi david!
    i'm in lyon, france with patrick greene and ian holliday. we're thinking of you, and, well, cheese.
    love, raechel