Doc Roque

Rhode Island
February 8, 2009

My grandfather is in his nineties. He is one of the seemingly happier people I know, is a big fan of religious jokes and red wine, and recently voted for Barack Obama, despite having been a marine in world war II. When asked why he didn't vote for the "military man," he responded, "we've had enough military."

Our dinner conversation was hovering on mouse glue traps. I said, predictably, "it's just not very nice. They end up starving to death." My concern didn't register with Grandpa Bob.

"Well, that's the point, Dave. The point is to kill the damn things." Brightening up, "You know what I used to do? When the mouse was finally stuck I would take it outside and finish the job with a shovel, then throw the whole business into the woods." He motioned towards the door, behind which were the woods and the whole business.